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How to Make the Swelling of a Stye Go Down ?

Q:How to make the swelling of a stye go down ?

I have a stye in the lower side of my left eyelids. It hurts and makes my eyelids swollen. Can you tell me how to make the swelling of a stye go down?

A:A stye can be caused by dirt, fecal matter or other debris. It is an infection of sebaceous gland on our eyelids. It will make our eyes red and swollen. To calm down a stye, you may need to clean the stye first. But I do not suggest you to do this by yourself for it really hurt and this may cause infections on other parts of our eyes. You may need to turn to an eye doctor. Learn more answers.

Q:Does ice help stye eye?

I have got stye these days? My right eye is itchy and keeps watering. What should I do? I heard that ice can help my stye eye, is that true?

A:Generally speaking, you can apply cold compress such as ice bags in the early state of the stye eyes, but each time you should not use the ice bags for too long a time. And after about five days, you had better apply hot compress. But the best treatment should be applying antiphlogistic eye drops, such as ofloxacin eye drops, cephalosporin antibiotics, and so on. You can go to the doctor’s to have an examination and then the doctor will prescribe for you the correspondent treatment. Pay attention to your personal eye hygiene, and have adequate rest and sleep. Learn more answers.

Q: Can styes cause eyelash loss ?

How can eye styes affect on our eyes? Is it possible to cause eyelashes loss? why?

A:A sty is caused by localized infection of the glands. And when you rubbing the eyes, especially when the sty is oozing pus, can cause the eyelid get infection, then cause the loss of eyelashes. While, do not worry, apply a warm towel over your eyes for 15 minutes, and repeat it four to five times everyday, your eyes will be recover after several days. Learn more answers.

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