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How to Identify Authentic Brands Glasses/Sunglases

Q: How to tell fake kate spade sunglasses?
I plan to buy kate spade sunglasses. How can i know to tell kate spade sunglasses are fake or authentic? Any good way?

A: Well, there are many tips you can take to spot the fake ones. But in my opinion, the most common and best way is to check the label. First, you should know that they are made in china. So you can check the label which should be written with the words ” made in china”. Also, you can check the warranty. Kate spade sunglasses are very famous all around the world. These sunglasses have good design and achieving high quality and reputation. In this way, they can not only ensure you to get clear vision, but also can express your personality. Their frames are made of Plastic and different colors for options, such as Tortoise, Black, Navy. Also, they are created for Female, and particularly suitable for Adult. And all of them are made with equally distributed weight to create ultimate comfort. So I think it will be a good choice for you to have a try.  Learn more answers

Q: How can i know if gucci sunglasses are authentic?
I want to buy Gucci Sunglasses. You know, it is expensive. So i don’t want to get a fake one with a lot of money. But i don’t know how to judge if they are authentic. Any idea? How can i tell if Gucci Sunglasses are authentic?
A: If you buy one from the franchise store, you may get the most possibility of buying the authentic one. If not, you can judge from the following steps. First of all, you should check the brand printed on the sunglasses. Then, from the manual work, you can see whether it is made smoothly. You can put it on the table to see its balance. You can also ask from the client of the shop.   Learn more answers.

Q: How can I tell the authenticity of Persol sunglasses?

Is there anyone has experience of buying Persol sunglasses? How much can i tell if the Persol sunglasses? are authentic or fake? Thanks.

A: Well, if you have already bought Persol sunglasses, and you wanna know its authenticity, you gotta figure out several questions. Firstly, where did you buy them, in a big shopping mall, or just online? Sometimes, online shopping is not safe, for some sellers sell fake ones through the Internet. Then, you should contact the after sales service to see if they are real or fake, they will tell you the most useful way. So, you should make sure everything is safe before you make a deal. Learn more answers.

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