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Coconut oil for eye health

Q: Does coconut oil help with under eye wrinkles?
I have eye wrinkles, Can i use coconut oil to help it? Does it work to reduce eye wrinkles?

A: Yes, coconut oil helps with under eye wrinkles because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which helps to repair cells and prevent damage, hence getting rid of eye wrinkles. You can apply a drop of coconut oil on the tip of your pinkies, and then gently massage the area under the eyes for a few minutes in order that the oil is absorbed into the skin. In the course of eye massage, the blood circulation improves and important nutrients to nourish the skin under the eyes are absorbed gradually, so it is useful to eliminate and prevent eye wrinkles. Learn more answers.

Q: Does coconut oil works for puffy eyes ?
I heard that coconut oil can help people with puffy eyes. So, can coconut oil reduce the puffiness of my eyes?

A: Coconut oil is full of nutrition and it can promote blood circulation, improve digestive system, protect skin, and improve the endocrine system, prevent cancer, etc. And puffy eyes occur when people’s blood circulations are bad, so that you can see that coconut oil can help you in this case. But you have to use that carefully, because coconut oil can’t be dropped into eyes, it’s harmful to eyes. Learn more answers.

Q: Does Coconut Oil help treat pink eyes?
Some people said that Coconut Oil help treat pink eyes. Is that true? How they help pink eyes?

A: Yes, coconut oil can help treat the pink eyes. As we know that Pink eye is an eye infection which is also known as conjunctivitis. And the condition may result from bacteria, a virus or fungus. For the Symptoms it includes redness, itching, scratchiness and tearing. And then Coconut oil contains many nutrients and chemical components that some people believe will not only boost your overall health, but also may improve conditions such as pink eye. In other words, coconut oil may boost your immune system, and this could help fight your eye infection. So you can have a try. Learn more answers.

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